When your first time hit weed? How does it feel? Do you think it need to be illegal?

Ok let me tell you my story. For the first time I tried when i was 19. I followed my friends to his friends house. When I entered the room. Holy Smoke ! It’s so fogging with red light turned on. For your information. Im not really a smoker. But Im into it because I want to learn about it. When my friend said that he try the weed. Im really need to try. Definietly have to TRY !

When Im entered and shake hands with a lot of people inside the room. All of them looks high and had small pointed eyes. Yes ! I know this. I know from their behaviour because I done my research. So in

Stone community, they have

  1. Captain who passing the Bong
  2. Seafarer who enjoy with people and take the hit when Captain said

When I sit, the captain chat and talk with me. They are very friendly. This what I like the most. They bring peace towards each other. Then my turn to take the hit. What Im going to tell you is true. Nothing Im going to hide or lie.

My FIRST HIT ! Really hit me hard ! I floating and flying to the roof of the room. Looking at the lights. Everyone I see was moving really slowly. We talking each other but I understand only a few of if because Im trying to control my body, emotion.

The best part when we ordered Pizza ! I eat it really slow for the first time in my life ! Only 1 slice ! Haha. Can you imagine it ???

And now, I can control it.

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